Here are 4 tips for Landlord to entice Tenant to tour the space and sign that commercial real estate lease.


  1. Less Single-Purpose Space.

Less solid walls within a Tenant space! Tenant can customize the space for its use, whatever it needs at that time. More daylight can come in across the space (natural light isn’t just for the executives sitting in an office next to the window), and the space can be reconfigured as shared or private office space, open spaces for a large meeting or smaller, private huddle rooms for focus and collaboration.

Let’s get real, no one really likes an open office environment, except maybe the people in charge of controlling costs. It’s hard to focus! Which goes into…


  1. Customizable Space.

Make the space what the Tenant wants- just for them. Landlord will benefit from adding soundproofing within the Tenant space. If one part of the space had quiet focus rooms, which are separate from small action spaces where meet employees meet to collaborate and create in small groups, then you’ve created a win-win. Tenant can move around partitions or furniture arrangements within its space as needed, for large interactive sessions and birthday parties. With a quite focus space in one area, and a collaborative interactive on in the other, and an appropriate buffer between the two, Landlord has created a reason for Tenant to start negotiating its commercial real estate lease!

If Tenant employees are in the space all the time, it helps if they want to be there and they enjoy the ambiance. The best way to do that is…


  1. Add a Natural Element.

The lobby is usually the first space Tenant will enter- and their clients. If possible, add some real greenery, everyone likes plants. Even if that isn’t a practical option, the lobby can still be an open, inviting space, creating a good first impression on anyone who enters the building and creating a great mindset. Focus on welcoming people- pick seating that doesn’t just look good, but feels comfortable, while waiting for a meeting or an appointment. Lighting should be adequate, but not harsh. Pick soothing colors and if you play music, make it soothing and welcoming. A water feature (even if it’s a discreet fountain in the corner) creates peaceful background white noise, as well.

That’s great, but all of this costs money! Improve the Tenant experience and the Landlord’s budget with …


  1. Labor and Cost-Saving Measures.

Take advantage of smart technology and IoT (Internet of Things). Put lights and energy-gulping office equipment (printers, anyone?) on timers or motion-sensors, so they go into standby when no one is there. Add task lighting in the focus areas, and make it easy to dim lights if there’s a presentation going on. Let Tenant have some control- they can extend the time before the lights go out or make sure the printer is available on weekends, if that’s part of their business model. If anyone figures out how to make the temperature comfortable for everyone in the space, they will make a fortune.

Your commercial real estate lease will let Tenant and Landlord know exactly what to expect regarding these amenities so it’s important to negotiate for what matters to you.


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