Estate Planning means Peace of Mind

Trustworthy and Affordable Estate Planning in Dallas, Tx

You already have a will whether you realize it or not. It is what the state of Texas has planned for you.

Is that what you really want?

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Everyone Deserves Peace of Mind, Especially Parents.

Law By JZI’ll admit, I never wrote my will or did my estate planning, and I’m an attorney – I should know better.

He depends on me for EVERYTHING,
and it’s up to me to protect him and keep him safe.  The reason to finally do our estate planning was staring into my eyes, and I was out of excuses!

All people deserve peace of mind and affordable estate planning. That’s what
I’ve set out to provide.  It’s never too
late (or too early) to plan for the future.

I want everyone to have that same feeling that everything is taken care of.  I want all people of any age to make sure their future is taken care of.

My goal is to help you make the complicated world of estate planning super simple.

Estate Planning Pricing

Affordable Estate Planning Packages


All packages include:

  • Consultation and document drafting by an experienced,
    Texas-licensed attorney
  • Unlimited Q&A for your estate planning needs