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Business Set-Up Consultation Package

1 hour of “ask an attorney anything” business consult AND your entity set up!
10% discount (but only if you ask for it!)

Lock Down Your Business Documents

I help commercial real estate professionals and business owners lock down their legal rights in contracts, leases and other legal documentation. 

Customized, tailored legal solutions for your unique business.

  • Go-to, on-call legal advice when you need it.
  • Understand the risk, mitigate the risk, and get the deal done.
  • Affordable and transparent cost structures.


Commercial Real Estate

Acknowledge and mitigate risk, maintain exit strategy, control costs and minimize legal exposure

Peace of mind and a focus on your unique business goals, the local market, and getting the deal done

Understand what is in your documentation, and what is missing, and what are the consequences

Commercial Leasing

• Lease document reviews (lease, amendments, renewals, SNDA/estoppel, other contracts)
• Real estate purchase and sale and due diligence
• Lease contract document drafting, review, negotiation
• Lease buyouts and terminations
• Lease negotiation strategy and counsel
• Landlord and Tenant representation
• Construction contracts, warranty, expansions

Small Business Counsel

Partner in all phases of business growth, from formation and acquisition through development and expansion, to operation and maintenance or exit strategy

Identify and counsel on business risk from a legal perspective

Franchise counsel and planning

Small Business Counsel

• Draft, negotiate and review business contracts, business documentation and agreements
• Fractional general counsel, and ad hoc legal counsel, limited representation services
• Disaster recovery planning and business continuity
• Franchise agreements and business strategy
• Corporate formation and business planning
• Mergers, acquisitions, leases, sale and purchase agreements
• Alternative Dispute Resolution

About the Office

The Law Office of Jenna Zebrowski, PLLC is fanatical about affordable, customized legal solutions for commercial real estate professionals and small business owners.  With a focus on business owners and commercial real estate, and over a decade of experience, rest assured that you will understand the legal and financial risk and reward, and you can confidently make an informed decision.

Business owners and commercial real estate professionals turn to The Law Office of Jenna Zebrowski, PLLC when:

  • Faced with unexpected (and expensive) surprises after the fact and wondering, why didn’t someone tell me about that?
  • Continuously worrying about unexpected legal bills and fees.
  • Frustrated with trying to locate a responsive, knowledgeable attorney.
  • The transaction is taking forever because no one can get it done.
  • You need to know it’s done right, and it’s customized for your business situation.

The Law Office of Jenna Zebrowski, PLLC provides personalized, tailored legal solutions for your business or commercial real estate transaction, at an affordable rate.



  • Over 10 years of dedicated Commercial Real Estate Experience.

  •  Executed Leases in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

  •  Multi-state Franchise Experience

  • ​ Specializing in Helping Small Business Owners and Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

  •  Representation for Tenants, Franchisees and Landlords in their unique business cycles.

  • ​ Fair and Equitable Negotiations Practices.

  •  Drive to Mitigate Risk, Without Impeding Business Operations.

  • ​ Adept in Resolving Multi-Party Negotiations.

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